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Yema (Filipino Candy)

Yema is a sweet treat made from egg yolks and condensed milk.

The word Yema is Spanish for “egg yolk.”

All kinds of legends have been perpetuated about the origins of yema. One of the most charming harks back to Spanish times when the walls of churches and houses used egg white as binding agent. It is said the housewives didn’t know what to do with the egg yolks — quite a lot considering the amount of egg white that will bind a church wall — and had no recourse but to invent yema.

This is the luscious sweet made of egg yolk cooked in sugar until the consistency when it can be rolled in refined sugar into balls (about an inch in diameter), firm to the touch but moist with pure goodness within.

Tower Yema: Filipino Candies

Tower Yema: Filipino Candies

A famous Filipino brand is Tower Yema, made by the Eng Seng food company. Tagline: The taste you can’t resist.

Eng Seng flavors of yema: plain, ube, mocha, mango, strawberry, melon, peanut, pandan, langka, coffee, chocolate, durina

A Couple of Yema

Yema by Angie Pastor. For orders in the Metro Manila area, 09369815475.

How to make yema? Recipe in English to be posted here soon. Meanwhile, here’s a transcript of the video of the infamous Pastillas Girl bitterly teaching her ex-boyfriend how to make yema!


Paano Gumawa ng Yema


Simple lang… Siyempre hindi na mawawala sa atin ‘yung condensed milk. 

Isa lang… Matuto kang makuntento sa isa lang… Pero siyempre dahil gusto mo ng pang-party-size, bibili ka ng madami. 

Angel Condensada, ha? Para kahit man lang sa gatas ako ‘yung piliin mo. 

Tapos, ilagay mo sa mainit na kawali… kasing-init ng dugo ko sa iyo nang nakita ko ‘yung piktyur n’yo ng bago mo. 

Halu-haluin mo lang hanggang ‘yung malapot na yema unti-unti nang namumuo… parang galit ko sa iyo.

Kung gusto mo ng mani — na alam ko namang talagang gustong-gusto mo talaga — puwede mo na rin namang lagyan. Damihan mo. Magsawa ka.

Tapos i-shape mo nang pa-triangle. Parang lab stori natin. Ako, ikaw, tapos siya… Ang saya, ‘di ba?

Tapos balutin mo na ulit. Tapos iwanan mo na ulit. Tutal. Doon ka pa rin magaling, ‘di ba?

Pero kung ayaw mong iwanan, tapos patay-gutom ka, gusto mo pa ring kainin, okey lang naman. Kainin mo na. Mag-share pa kayo ng bago mo. Huwag kang mag-alala. Wala akong linagay na lason diyan. Kabiteran ko ang papatay sa iyo.

Ingredients: condensed milk, egg yolks, and bitterness. Nuts are optional.

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