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Nilagang Mani

The Tagalog word for “peanut” is mani. Boiled peanuts are nilagang mani.

Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) is a popular crop in the Philippines, with a history of cultivation dating back to the Spanish colonial era. It is one of the major field legumes grown by farmers.

The top producers of peanuts in the country are the provinces of Isabela, Pangasinan, La Union, Quirino, Cagayan, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Aurora, Albay and Iloilo.

At one time, Cagayan Valley and its environs produced almost half of the nation’s total peanut production.

In the Philippines, peanut can be grown throughout the year, as long as production inputs such as water are adequate. In general, the dry-season crop (October to early November) gives higher yields and beans of better quality than the rainy-season crop. This is because of the season’s decreasing rainy days and increasing sunlight, which the crop needs for vegetative growth and reproductive development.

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