Filipino Cookbooks

Memories of Philippine Kitchens is by the owners and chef of Soho’s Cendrillon restaurant. From lumpia, pancit and kinilaw to adobo and lechon (the art of the well-roasted pig), this cookbook documents dishes and culinary techniques that are rapidly disappearing in the Philippines. Includes a hundred unique recipes culled from private Filipino kitchens and their own acclaimed menu.

The Filipino-American Kitchen has over 100 traditional and modern adaptations of Filipino recipes. This cookbook is perfect for Americans with little to no experience with Filipino cuisine, and for Filipino-Americans interested in learning new adaptations of traditional dishes. Includes a brief culinary history of the Philippines, a list of Filipino ingredients used in the recipe, and a guide to navigating Asian grocery stores.

Authentic Recipes from the Philippines includes a history of Filipino food as well as photographs of each featured dish to give you an idea of what the end-product of your cooking is supposed to look like. Most find it more like a coffee-table book. Among the contributors are food columnist Doreen Fernandez and other Filipino culinary notables who grew up eating and cooking the dishes and are recognized experts of Philippine cuisine.

Each region of the Philippines has its own distinct food culture, just like the regional differences so common in the United States. The Filipino Cookbook is a collection of 85 tried-and-tested recipes, including from Pampanga, the Visayas, and Mindanao — pinakbet (sauteed vegetables with shrimp paste), halo-halo (mixed fruits dessert), paella (rice and seafood medley), morcon (stuffed beef roll), pininyahang manok (pineappled chicken)…

Filipino Homestyle Dishes: Delicious Meals in Minutes is a cookbook of 40 classic Filipino dishes you can prepare in your kitchen with step-by-step instructions. Snacks, seafood, rice and noodle dishes… dips and condiments such as lechon sauce … recipes for gambas (spicy garlic shrimp), achara (pickled side dish), lumpiang sariwa (fresh spring rolls), rellenong alimasag (stuffed crab)…

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