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How to Make Lechon Liempo

Liyempo - Step #5: Put in a Super-Hot Oven

Photos and Instructions by Johnard Garcia.

How to make Lechon Liempo (Roasted Pork Belly) for when you can’t roast a whole pig!

Step 1 – ibabad sa brine ang karne magdamag
Step 2 – maghiwa ng madaming sibuyas. Umiyak habang ginagawa ito
Step 3 – iahon ang karne at patuyuin, lagyan ng kung anu anong mga rekado…
Step 4 – igapos ang karne para hnd makawala ang mga rekado. Wag gumamit ng sinulid or goma
Step 5 – lutuin sa super init na oven
Step 6 – siguraduhing luto na, picturan at tadtarin at ihain sa mga bisita or sa sarili mo hehe

Liyempo - Step #1: Marinade Overnight

Step #1: Soak in brine overnight.

Liyempo - Step #2: Chop Up A Lot of Onions

Step #2: Chop Up A Lot of Onions

Liyempo - Step #3: Add Different Ingredients

Step #3: Take Out From Brine, Dry Off, Add Different Ingredients

Liyempo – Step #4: Tie Up The Meat Securely

Step #4: Tie Up The Meat Securely

Liyempo - Step #5: Place in a Hot Oven

Step #5: Place in a Super-Hot Oven

Liyempo - Step #6: Serve

Step #6: Serve

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