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White Eggs

The Tagalog word for “egg” is itlog.

In the Philippines, eggs are often plainly eaten boiled or fried. They can be mixed in with ingredients to make sarciado or to make torta omelets. And of course, they are used in a wide range of Filipino pastries and baked goods!

Purefoods Hotdogs

Photo by Angie Pastor of Tender Juicy Hotdogs with Fried Eggs

Bilhin ninyo ang itlog na kulay-kayumanggi kung lalong mura ito kaysa puti. Ang sustansiya nito ay walang pag-iiba. 

Buy brown-colored eggs if they’re cheaper than the white ones. There is no difference in their nutritiousness.

Pulang itlog are “red” eggs — salted eggs whose eggshells have been dyed a striking red. That’s how you can quickly tell that they are salted eggs ready to eat, and not regular eggs!

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