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Chocnut Oreo Cheesecake

Chocnut Oreo Cheesecake

Photo of Chocnut Oreo Cheesecake by Mayette Garcia.

Available at banapple kitchen, a bakery café in the Philippines.

King Choc-Nut is a Filipino milk-chocolate treat whose ingredients are roasted peanuts, cane sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder, and vanilla. For years, it was manufactured by the Unisman confectionery company of the Philippines.

Museum Café (M Café), the restaurant and bar at the Ayala Museum Complex in Makati City, has a Choc Nut Martini that contains vodka, single-shot espresso, Kahlua, and Choc Nut bits.

More photos and information about King’s Choc-Nut after the website upgrade. Please check back! 🙂

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